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Authentication is a necessity for modern websites, especially when different users have different permissions.

Identification is asserting who a person is. Authentication is proving that asserted identity.

In this article, we would create a login and sign-up page with Nuxt.js. Services for authentication and databases integrate with firebase. I’m using nuxt.js because it has an excellent workspace setup. Nuxt.js is also great for SEO and universal SSR.

Create Nuxt app and setting up directory

First, make sure you have npx installed. I’m using npx version 6.14.4 in this article. The command below would create our project directory.

npx create-nuxt-app auth-app

Louise-Emile Adan, Apprentice (1914)
Louise-Emile Adan, Apprentice (1914)
Apprentice (1914)

We wonder what would happen if we suffer, and the thought of pain makes us uncomfortable. But it is what we run from that we end up chasing. The first change is often difficult to accept, but we are not in control, only seeing the change in ourselves. Recently, I found myself doing things I considered difficult that never seemed to provide any pleasure in the past. Long-distance runs, Muay Thai sparring, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu take up a considerable chunk of my time during a week, and I usually look forward to them. Doing activities that test my resilience of…

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It’s quite often that we need images for different blocks and tediously assign each image manually. An easier way is to create stub images using Unsplash and Lodash in our Vue project.

The objective is to read an array of objects with a keyword assigned for each one of them and place images that are sourced by inserting the Unsplash service.

Let's start by creating a Posts component and a Vuex store.

mkdir components; cd components; touch Posts.vuemkdir store; cd store; touch index.js

From the root of our Vue project, we run the following commands. This creates two directories…

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I’m a massive fan of animations and dynamic websites. The small details could make an enormous difference to the UI and UX of a website.
Anime.js is a fascinating tool. It is sturdy and straightforward to use. Add the link below to your HTML file.

<script src=""></script>

There are other ways to install, as well. You can either use npm or download the package from the official anime.js website.

In this example, we are animating the Canadian flag.

We are animating from the initial flag position to the final flag position.

Understanding the anime function

All animations have a target HTML element. The anime…

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